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4 Best Spots to Enjoy Sunset in Siem Reap & Angkor Archaeology Park



Publish on Apr 16, 2020

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Sunsets are universally loved and are one of the most photographed times of the day. Sunsets become even more magical when travelling and finding the perfect spots becomes a mission for many travellers. With the scenery, nature and location, Siem Reap offers some specular spots for watching sunsets. Of course there are numerous spots for those chasing the ideal sun set and getting that perfectly lit photo, but here we shine light on our favourite spots. Sunsets are a must when visiting Siem Reap. It is definitely one of our favourite times of the day, as there is a sense of excitement in the air as people get home from work and school and disconnect from the day by enjoying the evening with family and food. This ‘golden hour’ is a time to disconnect and reflect. Watching sunsets allows people to be outside to appreciate the scenery and feel inspired, taking in the now and all the simple joys of life. Taking the time to enjoy the sunsets can have health benefits such as making people feel energized and uplifted. With all these advantages coupled with sunsets providing wonderful photograph opportunities, it would be sad to miss taking the time to enjoy this magical moment in a new environment. There are many places to watch the sunsets, from rooftop bars to balloon rides, here however, we offer our top four picks of watching the sunset outside of town to capture the natural scenery:


Countryside Sunset

Getting out into the countryside is a great way to get an inside experience into the daily lifestyle of local people in order to learn about Cambodian culture. Cambodia is famous for its rice, and most of the land in the countryside is designated for farming purposes. As such, going into the countryside you will be surrounded by many rice paddy fields and lots of rice! It is in these fields, surrounded only by nature and locals, that offers a perfect spot for sun sets. Often, you can see the sun setting over the vast green landscape, with water buffalo or cows and rows of palm trees in the background.


Phnom Bakheng Sunset

The temples are the most loved attraction in Siem Reap and what an ideal location for watching the sunset over ancient temples and the rich history. Phnom Bakheng a temple on top of a hill located close to Angkor Wat is a popular spot to watch the sunset after a day of temple hopping. You have to walk a short distance up the hill, but the views are truly specular. Not only does it offer a different perspective of the temple complex from the top, it shines a different a light on the historical site. Whilst it can get a bit busy, it is still a great place to end the day at the temples and to see the sun set. Some dedicated travellers start their temple exploration day with sunrise and end it with the sunset!


Phnom Krom Sunset

A small hill located close to Siem Reap city offers the perfect spot to watch the sunset with a 360-degree view of Cambodia life. From here you can get a glimpse of the Tonle Sap lake, as well as, a view of the community that lives at the foot of the hill who mainly live off the water and build their own wooden boats. Another benefit of visiting Phnom Krom is that there is a Buddhist temple and temple ruins at the top. So not only can you enjoy the sunset with a great view, but you can also learn about the Angkor history and spot some monks.


Sunset Cruise on Tonle Sap Lake at Kompong Phluk

Visiting the Tonle Sap lake is another must when visiting Siem Reap (depends on time of year), to learn about life in a floating village. You can take a boat around the floating village and end the ride by enjoying the sunset over the lake. This is truly a magical moment, seeing the sun reflecting in the water, watching life on the water and exploring all the nature that lives around this area such as various bird species.

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